Construction Site Security Bristol

Construction Site Security services are needed to secure buildings from intruders, vandalism or any activity that could cause disruption to the ongoing work and may jeopardise worker’s safety or incur a financial loss to the business. 

Having a SIA licensed security officer deployed on a construction site not only offers a visual deterrent for speculators but also act as a physical barrier between the trespassers and your sites whilst minimising any chance of crime, trespassing and damage to the assets. 

Construction sites are the easiest target for vagrants and trespassers as in most cases despite the site being fenced up it can still have multiple access points therefore it is necessary that Site security is in place at all times to protect valuable equipment on site and ensure the safety of workers on site, and general public.  

Before standing up for the job as part of company policy our team will attend the site and carry out a details site inspection and produce Risk Assessments and Method Statements which are shared with client and regularly reviewed as the site working conditions change.    

Construction Site Security Guard Key Duties:  

  • Make sure no authorized personals have access to the building. 
  • Give access to tradesmen or contractors as instructed by the client. 
  • Carry out regular foot patrols to spot any unusual activity. 
  • Record and report any health and safety hazards to the relevant site personnel. 
  • During regular checks make sure all pathways and emergency exit points are clear.  
  • Secure the building once contractors are off site. 
  • Record any incidents in log book and report back to control room. 
  • Respond to alarm activations and contact local authorities i.e. Police, Fire Brigade, Emergency Services. 

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