Key Holding Bristol

Mobile Patrol Bristol is a fully licensed and accredited Bristol security company offering a comprehensive range of security solutions. Our cost-effective key holding service gives you peace of mind by ensuring that a rapid and effective security response is initiated if you need immediate access or if an alarm has sounded.

From bespoke and flexible solutions to traditional key holding techniques, we aim to go the extra mile to ensure that the needs of our clients are met. Working with both residential and commercial properties, our highly-trained and SIA licenced key guards are always ready to complete the necessary responses on site. A keyholding service is the best way for clients to maintain peace of mind and ensure their homes or businesses are safe at all times. Whether it’s a routine daily visit or an alarm activation response, we are committed to providing a flexible and dedicated service with tasks including:

  • Access to tradesmen or contractors
  • Mobile security patrols
  • Locking and unlocking of property
  • Security escorts
  • Secure courier service
  • Routine inspections
  • Intruder response
  • Personal alarm activation’s (e.g. the elderly)

Our equipment is subject to frequent safety checks which ensures that we are always ready for any situation and operate in the safest manner.

How we work

  • Before our holding service begins, our key guards will conduct a quick, free survey of your property so that they may familiarise themselves with the layout. They will also make note of your alarm system and any operational guidelines or entry procedures.
  • We will then be in a position to collect a set of your keys before sealing and coding them in our secure control room. Keys can only be accessed by licensed staff and only when your property must be accessed by our key holders.
  • In the case of a call out or alarm activation, our key guards will respond to investigate the cause of the alert. If the situation is not considered serious, we will operate within the pre-agreed guidelines of operation. However, if a situation is deemed serious, your nominated emergency contact will be contacted.
  • If the response requires further action, such as the attendance of emergency services, repair companies or similar, we can arrange this and ensure that your property is left secure. Sometimes there may be a fault with the alarm system, in which case, we will arrange for an engineer to attend and repair the fault.
  • Finally, our key guards will always ensure that your property is re-secured, followed by a comprehensive report write up which will be emailed to you.

Our Key Guards

  • SIA licensed, a background in security and more, our key guards aim to reassure and create a calming presence whilst maintaining an air of deterrence and authority. Our key holders set the standard, offering an unbeatable service every time.
  • We are continuously training our key holders in the newest technologies, skills and safety procedures.
  • Our key guards wear a branded uniform which maintains a professional presentation at all times.