Burglars can represent a major risk and source of frustration for many businesses – potentially even being the difference between the firm making a profit or a loss. However, it’s important to remember here that there are ways for businesses to deter burglars from their Bristol businesses – and, as one of the leading security companies in Bristol, we’ve summarised ten of the most important tips to help.

Worried about burglars for your Bristol business? Make sure you’ve considered the following factors to help.

  1. Don’t leave expensive items on display. Having expensive items on display can be a major source of appeal for burglars. So, make sure you move these out of sight to reduce the appeal of theft.
  2. Ask local residents to keep an eye. Whether they’re neighbours or just people from your wider community, asking your supporters to keep an eye out for trouble can help you prepare for potential issues arising.
  3. Invest in quality It might seem simple, but high-quality security equipment (e.g., heavy duty locks) can make it much harder for thieves to take your assets.
  4. Make assets harder to access. Placing barriers in the way of valuable assets can make them much harder to move and steal, thereby dissuading burglars.
  5. Ensure good lighting. It’s much easier to get away with theft when it’s dark. Ensuring your property is well lit up can help deter criminals from attempting to steal from you.
  6. Invest in CCTV equipment. CCTV is essential to keep your property safe. Burglars aware of the CCTV may also be much less likely to target your property compared to easier options.
  7. Don’t announce when you’re not around. Burglars are much more likely to target a property if they know it is empty or vacant.
  8. Consider motion-sensor devices. Motion sensors are one of the easiest remote ways to keep an eye on your property when you’re not around.
  9. Always keep the premises locked and secure. Even if you’re only going out for a short span of time, make sure that you’ve locked everything up to prevent a burglar from attempting to make some quick cash.
  10. Get professional support. If you want the highest level of protection for your Bristol business, make sure you’ve partnered with the leading local security company for further support. Our experts are here to keep your business safe and secure overall.

Final Thoughts

Deterring burglars is critical if your business has been looking for new ways to protect your business and support better profitability overall. However, this isn’t always straightforwards – in which case, starting with professional security companies in Bristol could be ideal.