Have you been looking to become a security guard? Or perhaps you’re looking to hire a security guard or team and want to ensure you’re hiring the right person? Whatever the case might be, ensuring your chosen security guard has the right skills and traits is essential as part of this goal – and today, we’re on hand to help you find out about some of the top five qualities that make a great security guard.

Numerous qualities contribute to an effective security guard – and it’s certainly not a job role that’s well-suited to everyone. Some of the five most influential qualities of a good security guard include the following.

#1 Compassion

While a security guard needs to be able to maintain a strict, composed demeanour, it’s important to consider that they are often at the forefront of your business. What’s more, they may sometimes have to handle potentially sensitive situations with your business staff following a break-in attempt. With this in mind, a good security guard should be someone who shows compassion and to whom your business team can reach out for support.

#2 Good Listener

A good security guard needs to use all the data and information available to them to protect the business. Hence, they should be a good listener, taking in information from numerous sources to help ensure your business is secure.

#3 Good Judgement

Sometimes, security guards have to make rapid, split-second decisions. With this in mind, good judgement is an integral skill of a great security guard. They need to be able to count on their ability to reason and sort through the information to find an effective solution in moments when it matters most.

#4 Attention to Detail

Little clues can sometimes distinguish between catching a vandal or letting them slip away. As such, a good security guard undeniably needs to have excellent attention to detail skills, helping them make the most of every opportunity presented to them to protect the business.

#5 Persuasive and Confident

The final point here is probably the least shocking – a good security guard needs to be incredibly confident and persuasive. Indeed, if a security guard should come across someone fraudulently trying to enter the property, it’s critical they’re able to restrain and escort the individual from the business premises.

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