Thousands of businesses suffer burglaries, thefts and vandalism every year.

Ranging from a broken window to large-scale theft of high-value stock, any break-in causes disruption and stress for companies.

Hiring a security guard has many advantages, both to prevent criminality and increase safety.

A security guard can be a constant presence on site. Whether you need hourly patrols out of hours and at weekends or a full-time officer on site, a trained guard is there to focus entirely on the safety and security of your business. You can go home for the evening or even away on business trips safe in the knowledge there is a person at your premises dedicated to protecting your assets and livelihood.

Hiring a security guard is also very cost effective. How much would it cost to replace all the stock taken in a burglary? The contents of your safe? Or to repair damage to doors and windows? The cost of a theft isn’t just in the immediate loss of product or repairs needed. You will face increased property insurance payments, lose time and productivity while you replace what was taken and make the site secure again and, in the worst cases, you could lose clients if you are unable to continue working.

For a construction site, hiring a security guard is an excellent way to protect raw materials and keep a dangerous area secure. Aside from thieves who may be targeting copper piping on a new housing development, electrical cabling or just breaking in to take what they can, a building site also needs to be sealed from the general public.

A security guard patrolling your construction site will not only reassure your insurance company that you are doing everything possible to avoid incidents, but it will avoid any costly delays to a project that may happen if raw materials are taken off site. It may also provide reassurance to staff. If you are working a 24/7 site, then the presence of a security guard will help to keep your employees safe at all times.

The biggest advantage of hiring a security guard has to be reliability. The contract is between yourself and the security company which will give you a guarantee for the level of service you are paying for. Too many businesses rely on the last employee to leave a building to securely lock it, set alarms or put other security measures in place. By hiring someone who has this as their sole focus, you will make sure everything is done to protect your belongings.