Vandalism and Bristol are not normally two words we put together. Sadly, earlier this year Residents living near a former old people’s home say they are have suffered ‘a nightmare’ of anti-social behaviour and vandalism – because the place has been left empty since ‘property guardians’ moved out.

Police have asked anyone with information or leads, no matter how inconsequential it might seem, to come forward and to help the investigation.

There are 2 million acts of vandalism per year in the UK, and many more which go unreported. Typically the vandals are between 8 and 16 years old. In regards to car vandalism, 38% of acts occur outside of the owner’s home.

So how could this crime in Bristol have been prevented, and how can we stop vandals in their tracks?

Security Bristol – The following bits of advice should help to keep you and your possessions safe.

Install security lights on the inside and outside of your premises. Lights not only deter vandals, but also help closed circuit television cameras to pick up their faces in case this information is needed for court prosecution. Of course, it is important to consult the correct professionals before installing lights, as there are indeed ways to maximise the efficiency of the lights that you are using.

Install anti vandalism measures. Features such as unbreakable security glass, anti-climbing paint, and surfaces which prevent graffiti and tagging are simple and effective means of preventing vandalism. You would be surprised to find out how many novel methods of vandalism prevention have been created, and it is worth doing your research properly.

Security fencing and guards. The one thing a vandal does not want to face is a fence, which not only keeps them out of the site, but potentially traps them inside once the police have been called. It may sound primitive, but a fence is one of the best ways to deter a vandal.

Plants and bushes. If you are keen to secure your property but do not want to use fences or measures which look like traditional security, try plants and buses. A well placed thorn bush can make the vandals task a lot more difficult, and looks nice too!