A construction site is a dynamic environment that brings together people from all walks of life. Within and around your construction site, you might have engineers, inspectors, project managers, workers, buyers and even members of the public who have no business being there. The large number of people poses high security threat which can be extremely difficult to manage. Construction site security in Bristol can prevent or reduce theft of copper cables, vehicle parts and other equipment and materials. To improve security on your construction site, here are top tips you can implement.

1.     Establish a Security Plan

A well-detailed security plan should be laid out before the commencement of the project. Details of the plan and the roles of every individual should also be communicated to every worker on site. A security culture including encouraging the report of suspicious activities and unusual movement should be encouraged.

2.     Fencing and Access Control

Your construction site should not be accessible to anyone who shouldn’t be on site. Building a perimeter fence round the site is an excellent way to prevent unauthorised access. The fence should have entry points that should be manned by SIA security guards Bristol to monitor movement in and out of the site. Preventing unauthorised entry significantly reduces the possibility of theft and vandalism.

3.     Secure Storage

Valuable properties of site workers, site equipment and materials are targets of criminals. Improperly storing them is an open invitation to these criminals who will have no inhibitions stealing them. Using physical security such as boxes, locks and hiring SIA security guards Bristol can greatly reduce theft cases. Electronic security can also track the location of every item also help in crime prevention and reduction.

4.     Lighting

Having a right lighting system that illuminates dark spots on the site can deter criminals from making an attempt to steal valuable. Lighting also aids SIA security guards to easily monitor the site.

5.     Hiring SIA Security Guards Bristol

Securing guards play a huge role in improving your site’s security. Aside from preventing entry of unauthorised persons into the site, they keep materials and equipment safe. SIA security guards Bristol also are highly to respond to emergencies such as fire and accidents. They are also able to break up conflicts whenever they occur between site workers. Working with a professional SIA security company in Bristol ensures you have adequate security on your site. Security Guards Bristol specialises in deploying well-trained SIA security guards to construction sites in and around Bristol. Contact us today for discussions on tailored security services for your site.