For any businesses in Bristol and other areas, one of the most common problems that you can have is convincing customers to feel safe. Safety is often subjective, but it can be quite tough to make a customer feel comfortable. This is why you should always look to invest in a Bristol security guard who has both customer safety and customer service at the forefront of their thinking. This matters for the simple reason that you with a security guard, you offer the guarantee of protection and assistance.

Normally, a security guard will be the first face that a customer sees as they walk in the door. Seeing someone who is prepared to protect them offers an immediate sense of safety, making the customer more likely to stay on premises.

How, though, can a security guard make such a positive difference to the wider customer experience?

A friendly face

Instead of simply starting coldly ahead into the distance, a good security guard makes the customer feel immediately welcome. While a staff member welcoming customers might make them feel immediately pushed into making a purchase, a security guard is merely ensuring the individual feels safe and welcome. That simple warmth greeting each customer can be surprisingly important.

Building a rapport

By the same token, a security guard can play a good role in helping a rapport to build up with those who come to your business. As the customers come back time and time again to the store, they’ll get to know the security guard. This helps them to look and feel valued by the business, especially if the guard takes the time to get to know them, their name and other important attributes. The more welcome a customer can feel, the more likely they are to return.

Cutting the tension

Another positive impact of having a friendlier security guard on-site is that they can make conversation with customers and reduce any tension. If your security guard takes the time to get to know your regulars, they will feel even safer and more likely to come in – even if it’s just for a quick chat. The same goes for the rest of your staff: a security guard makes someone different for your staff to converse with, making it easier for them to get things off of their chest to a more mutual individual.

Helping out when needed

From helping a young mother with a pram out of the doors to assisting someone with finding a lost item, security guards can offer both protection and wisdom. If the security guard has a general idea of product knowledge, they can help customers who might otherwise leave the store due to a lack of available help.

While the primary job of a security guard is to keep the place safe, a security guard with a positive demeanor is much more likely to keep people coming back for more. The results, then, are easy for you to see: going the extra mile to find a personable security guard brings many benefits.