Mobile security patrols offer effective protection to large premises and sites spread across several locations. They are different from static security guards in that they regularly perform regular checks – both scheduled and unscheduled – of an entire premise. They are particularly effective at securing large manufacturing sites, shopping centres, industrial estates, and rural premises.

Here’s how your business benefits from mobile patrol security.

Visible Presence

Having mobile security patrols will give your business a strong deterrent against crime. Would-be criminals will see the staff and be less likely to do anything. Having signage that warns about the security and surveillance for your site will also further reduce the risk of the property being damaged or otherwise targeted by criminals.

Constant Monitoring

Mobile security patrols are constantly available. Many burglaries, vandalism, and other criminal damage happens at night – over the weekend. Having the business constantly monitored by mobile patrols makes it more difficult for anyone to commit a crime on the premises.

Rapid Responses

Mobile patrols must be ready and able to respond quickly to incidents, whether it be an alarm going off, CCTV capturing an intruder, or guards noticing suspicious activity. This means that they are almost always on-site or within an acceptable distance across the entirety of their shift. Mobile security staff also keep written records of incidents, providing details of security events to give you a clear record of anything that happens.

Health and Safety

These patrols offer more than security. They can be trained in fire safety and first aid and they can help with evacuations and other health and safety procedures. If someone on the site becomes unwell, or there is a fire, or there’s any other potential health and safety issue, then a nearby patroller can respond quickly and effectively.

Internal Patrols

Mobile security patrols can take care of internal patrols as well as external ones. A mobile security team can check on valuables and equipment, monitor corridors and rooms, get rid of potential hazards, and ensure that emergency exits are maintained and clear.


Mobile security personnel can manage keyholding duties. This gives them the ability to access any part of the business at any time. They can turn off false alarms, let people into the property and ensure that you’ve always got access to keys when you need them.

Mobile CCTV

Mobile security patrols can also manage mobile CCTV units. These units have state-of-the-art cameras and are operated by a handful of staff. Staff can monitor the cameras from within the vehicle and respond accordingly. The vans are also equipped with video recording and a PA system.