Have you been looking to join your local Bristol security company to work as a security guard? Bristol security guards provide a highly important service, ensuring we all stay safe and protected. However, knowing how to start as a Bristol security guard can often feel tricky. Don’t worry; our friendly experts are here to help with this. We’ve outlined several key things you need to know about becoming a Bristol security guard accordingly to help inform your decision.

4 Simple Steps to Join Your Local Bristol Security Company

#1 Check You Meet the Requirements

To become a Bristol Security Guard, you’ll first need to meet a few basic requirements. Notably, you will need to be an English-speaking UK citizen with no criminal record. You will also need to be eighteen years or over and will have to provide identification and payment to begin the course.

#2 Get your First Aid License

Before you can progress with learning about security guards in Bristol, you’ll need to obtain your First Aid license; after all, things can go wrong with security from time to time. Obtaining a First Aid license can be achieved through many different providers, but it’s worth checking that your chosen course is legitimate and authentic first.

#3 Complete a Security Guard Training Course

Once you’ve achieved your First Aid License, you can then take the next step to become a specialist Bristol security guard. Specialist security courses will teach you everything you need to know about working in the industry, and obtaining a certificate through these will allow you to apply for your Security Guard License.

#4 Apply for a UK Security Guard License

By now, you hopefully know all there is to know about working as a security guard. As such, you’ll now be able to apply for your UK security guard license. Without this license, you will be unable to begin working as a security officer, so it’s a crucial step to take. Luckily, as long as you passed your security training course with clear colours, you shouldn’t have any difficulties getting approved at this stage.

Good Luck to All New Security Guards in Bristol!

Once you’ve completed your security guard training and have gotten your licenses, you’ll finally be ready to begin applying for your new security guard role. Good luck – your brand new career with a specialist Bristol security company might be just around the corner.