If you are required to carry out security checks in your event, construction site, retail store, factory or business premises in Bristol then it is recommended that you sort the services of a professional Bristol security company because whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. In order to select the right security company for your requirement you must carry out the following basic checks.

SIA Licensed Staff:

The private security industry just like so many countries is regulated in the UK by SIA (Security Industry Authority) , so if you have need to hire the services of security companies in Bristol, please make sure that the company has certified highly trained SIA licensed security guards working for them. This can be easily verified on SIA website: https://services.sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/rolh by entering the SIA badge number of the staff which the company should provide before commencing any work.

Insurances & Certifications:

It is strongly advised that the client should see if the security company has appropriate business Insurances in place for the right amount and from a reputed firm. At Mobile Patrol Bristol we carry 10 Million pounds insurance which is way more then to what our competitors normally have. It is better if the security company has Health and Safety certifications which goes a long way to determine if the company inculcates some core values that favor your purpose of hiring them, the company should be efficient, ethical and progressive in the way they execute their duties. When they do this, they will earn recognition from different certifying boards which will add to their reliability score.

Custom Requirement:

Different businesses have different security needs, it is recommended that you choose Security Company that is ready to work with you in order to create the tailor-made security solution that works best for you.

Rapid Response:

You need a security company that is very responsive and quick to adapt to your security changes in the shortest possible time. They should be able to offer 24/7 support and dedicate staff to you so as to ensure timely reaction to your security plights.

If you looking for a reliable security company in Bristol with flexible working approach and no contract restrictions please contact us and see how we can help to improve security of your business.