The year 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges for the global community. Covid-19 has unearthed the fault lines prevalent in policy making of developed states for the most vulnerable sectors of society. Where the developed states have been boasting of their development models in terms of human security and progress for several years, this pandemic has shattered their confidence to a great extent. Moreover, with plethora of guidelines to follow, the governments have been trying to navigate their ships out of turbulent waters to the safe shores. However, the lack of clear thinking and long-term planning on the part of government has proved to be a major impediment on the path of collective efforts to mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

This article aims to bring attention to one of the major issues related to the downside of Covid-19 planning in terms of security of vacant properties in Bristol.


The strike of Covid-19 on Bristol security architecture is colossal. When the ongoing pandemic reached Europe, particularly to UK in late January 2020, the governments immediately sought to chalk out the plans to combat the spread of virus. The executive orders of closure of major public spaces including educational institutions, offices, hotels, restaurants, parks, and cinemas etc., were being issued by the authorities to maintain social distancing. This led the students who came to study or employees who came to Bristol for their jobs to go back to their hometowns. With rented apartments and hostels being vacated by people, there has been an inundation of vacant properties in Bristol. This, in turn, has underscored the need for maintenance and security of vacant properties.

Vacant Properties Security in Bristol

Governments have announced their lockdown policies and guidelines to follow SOPs in order to slow down the spread of deadly virus. As many commercial and non-commercial estates have been lying vacant, there has been burgeoning chances of theft, vandalism, water leakages and other maintenance issues. Even though, many owners have their own security and management systems, the governmental policies have forced them to reduce their staff to a great extent. With limited number of staff members, it has turned out to be a herculean task to manage and look after the gigantic buildings. Therefore, it has become indispensable to protect the vacated properties following Covid-19 both internally and externally. Nobody wants to face another loss when they are already in hot waters.

What to do if Your Property is lying Vacant due to Covid-19?

If your property is lying vacant due to Covid-19, your greatest fear might be how to protect it from possible vandalism or theft. In order to prevent vacant property deterioration, you should immediately seek the services of a security company in Bristol. With proper risk assessment and analysis, security companies in Bristol highlight the blind spots and high-risk areas. This allows them to provide solutions including installation of security gadgets like CCTV cameras and security alarms in these places. These security installations and monitoring services provided by security companies are the ultimate solution for security related issues of a vacant property.