Bristol is one of the largest cities in the UK and like many other cities it can can be rife with criminals and anti-social behaviour, because of the lower police presence. But your business or property need not become a victim of crime, as you can get practical and simple private security measures installed.

The benefits of private security
The benefits of private security in Bristol are numerous. When you have 24/7 security, 365 days a year, no member of your team needs be at risk of crime. You may require that your staff are put under protection, or that visitors are looked after properly. If so, a Bristol security guard that can work around the clock is imperative. The quick response times of private security must also be noted. Whereas the emergency services have to prioritise calls and are stretched to cover their workload, private security will respond as and when you need them. This is particularly important in time sensitive situations, for instance, when you need someone to be quickly removed from the premises for causing a nuisance. Waiting a long time for a police officer just adds to the embarrassment of the whole incident, an incident that could be over in a matter of minutes.

Another plus is that private Bristol security guards have to be well trained and conform to SIA standards. The license is in place to ensure that all private security personnel are ‘fit and proper’, that is to say, they are well trained and have the right skills for their role. A key part of their training involves surveillance. Common tasks involve patrolling properties, monitoring CCTV cameras, manning control rooms, operating gates and doors, and responding to unusual activity.

Outsourcing your security needs also saves a great deal of money and time. The usual process is to hire someone, train them up the appropriate standards, pay for training, sick days, leave, and all of the rest. With a private security firm you avoid a lot of this hassle and get a trained person who is right for the job, right away. And if they take a day off sick or go on holiday, they can be replaced.

You cannot put a price on that feeling of security. More and more we work 24/7, answering emails and calls on our smartphones. When you know that everything is in order and is properly secured you can finally get that bit of much needed down time.