Bristol is the home of Banksy, and is famous for its graffiti. So much so that you can go on graffiti walks of the city. But the tourist industry that is built around these pieces of art has no time for criminal acts of vandalism.

When 33 year old Stephen Tiger from Avonmouth sprayed “Wes” in white paint onto the Avon Gorge he caused a furore.

Police caught him because a closed circuit television camera monitors the site. He was sentenced to seventeen months in jail.

It will cost £20,000 to remove the paint from the site which is itself protected. This has happened before, and The National Trust are not happy. Rare “plants, insects, fungi and animals” are put at risk when these people break in to the site and walk through areas protected for their flora and fauna.

So in a city like Bristol, where graffiti is everywhere, how do we protect our businesses and properties from work that is just plain vandalism?

There are in fact a number of ways to do this.

Always consider the layout of the building and its architecture. Secluded areas which are empty of people are usually targets of vandals. Signs, which are often targets of vandals, should be placed so that they are easy to be seen but out of reach. This will make the graffiti writers’ task that little bit more difficult.

Plants and other barriers can help to restrict access to the site, and thus limit the likelihood of vandalism. The city is full of easy to reach spots and so it is unlikely that the graffiti writer will take extra steps to target a difficult spot. You might even try a little white lie, such as “beware of poison ivy,” or “beware of the dog,” it doesn’t matter if there is poison ivy or a dog, the warning is enough.

Techniques such a target hardening and barrier coating are difficult to spot to the untrained eye. A graffiti writer will however spot such features immediately and move on to find an easier spot. When researching features like this do your research, as there are many cheap and effective options.

Murals are another great way to prevent graffiti. The last thing a graffiti writer wants to do is to go over the work of another artist. By covering a wall in a mural, especially if it is the work of local children, you graffiti-proof it.

And last but not least, if you have large business premises that need 24/7 security measures in place, then our Bristol Security Guards, or our Bristol Mobile Patrols can ensure that your property is kept safe and secure at all hours.