The holidays are a great time for any business. Sales are up for just about every industry and so is foot traffic. The downside is that all this extra traffic presents a bigger security risk. Here are some top security tips to keep your business premises safe during the holidays.

  1. Protect Against Shoplifters

There’s never been a better time to go through your security procedures and policies with your staff than the holiday season. Giving employees a refresher course on what is expected of them (not to mention what isn’t) means everyone is on the same page. Employees should also know who to call in the event of an emergency. Are there security guards? How can someone on the shop floor contact them? Have these policies in place.

  1. Set Ground Rules

The holiday season is busy for any business. There’s a lot of extra customers and business to contend with. This is especially true if you hold a holiday party and let people bring their friends and families. You should have some ground rules in place for these guests, including rules against bringing them along. When and where are things going to be locked away? What should be done in the event of a fire? These are all important considerations.

  1. Go Above and Beyond

Companies generally have a security plan written down in a book that people can consult when they need it. Why not take the time to go through it again and discuss security practices? How about cyber security policies?

Employees will sometimes work from home or travel a lot more during the holidays and be remote workers. These workers need to know how to keep data safe and how to handle company information. Consult a Bristol security company and get their advice on these policies.

  1. Make Sure Everything Works Properly

There’s never been a better time to make sure that all security devices are working properly. Consult security companies in Bristol to get someone to go over the locks, alarm system, access control system, and other security measures such as panic buttons. Also check that security cameras are pointed at the right place and that they’re recording video properly.

This is important during the holidays because decorations can block a cameras view if you aren’t careful. Once again, make sure that the cybersecurity protection is up and running and that it has been updated recently. Another simple step to improve cybersecurity is to use a Virtual Protected Network (VPN). At the very least your business should have a secure Wi-Fi connection. Don’t mess around with open public Wi-Fi.

  1. Adjust Alarm Systems

Many businesses have special opening hours during the holidays. If you have a monitoring alarm system, then be sure to update the Bristol security company running it about any changes to opening hours.

  1. Review Security Codes and Locking Mechanisms

The most obvious step you can take to improve business security over the holidays is to make sure everything is locked away. There are a lot of distractions right now, so sometimes things will slip your mind. Locking up at closing should never be one of them. Review access codes and which employees can access certain areas. Adjust any security access privileges as you need to.

If you need any extra help with security guards or other security measures, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! As one of the best security companies in Bristol, you can count on us to deliver practical advice and solutions. Contact Security Bristol today!