Hiring a static security guard is an important decision. The fact is that you cannot take the risk of leaving your commercial or residential premises unattended, especially if you are located in a hostile area. It is necessary that you seek a static security guard in Bristol. The guard would control entry and access points so that every individual that enters the premises does not pose a risk.

There are plenty of roles of a static security guard. Learning more about these roles will allow you to truly appreciate static security guards and make you realize why you need to hire one. You can easily task the security guard with various tasks such as quick reaction forces, dog patrols, personal searches, vehicle searches, and more. The site, number of people on the site, size of the site, hostility of the area, and the climate would influence the tasks you assign. To help provide you an idea about what you can expect, the following list will prove useful.

  1. Maintain a Visitors’ Book

One of the roles of security guards companies in Bristol is to maintain a visitors’ book. It would contain details about the names of individuals that visit, their purpose of visit, and entry along with exit times. The security guard would check the identification of visitors and enter them in the visitors’ book and examine the contents of their belongings before allowing them to enter. Besides this, the static security personnel would make sure that visitors get to meet the intended person. Finally, when the visitors depart, their exit would be logged.

  1. Prevent Entry of Unauthorised Individuals

To ensure maximum security is enforced, the security guard would also prevent the entry of unauthorised persons. They also prohibit certain articles and restrict specified areas and they ensure that you have nothing to worry about.

  1. Conduct Routine Checks

Security guards also conduct routine checks at certain hours and make sure that everything is in order. Routine checks help deter unwanted persons from even trying to break in or do something against the law.

  1. Prevent Theft

In addition the above, security guard prevent theft at the property. Proper inspection, usage of advanced equipment, and monitoring of individuals enables them to keep an eye on everyone that enters the premises. Thus, they make sure that theft does not occur. The personnel will check each room to ensure that every door and window has been properly locked and the lights are switched off. They would keep the alarm systems activated as well.

  1. Report Suspicious Acts

If any suspicious act occurs at the premises, the security guard would report it immediately. Monitoring of closed-circuit TV cameras enables them to check for any unusual activity. The security guard would constantly monitor and inspect all security devices and equipment for ensuring that nothing is tampered.


A static security guard serves many roles. They ensure that there is no unauthorized vehicle in front of the commercial premises. You can also expect them to perform any other task.