When it comes to your Bristol business, you often need to think about a lot to keep everyone safe. This is where the role of your local Bristol security guard comes into play! Today, we’re looking at some of the key things you need to know about how security guards work – and, critically, combating some of the six common misconceptions about security guards people often have.

6 Common Misconceptions About Bristol Security Guards

Whether you’re an onlooker who’s been curious about how Bristol security guards work or if you’re a business looking to hire a security team, considering the common misconceptions can be highly valuable to ensure you’re taking the right steps. Perhaps the most common misconceptions people have regarding security services include the following six:

1. Security guards are only necessary for big businesses. In contrast, small firms with lesser security are often the main targets for vandals and thieves!

2. Security guards don’t do anything. It’s easy to assume that all a security guard does is stand around waiting. But, in reality, they’re always on the lookout and patrolling to find any potential weaknesses or signs that could put the business at risk.

3. Security guards are untrained. It’s easy to assume that anyone can be a security guard – but this isn’t true. For the best security services, a high level of training and attention is crucial.

4. Security guards should be supervised. This misconception may be accurate in some cases if you’ve hired an inexperienced security guard. However, it’s less of a concern with a professional security team since the guards should be fully independent in their work.

5. Security guards are always on-site. Did you know that not all security guards are on-site? For example, mobile security guards provide a valuable solution, traveling between businesses to keep multiple premises protected at once.

6. Security guards are expensive. Many businesses forego security because of concerns about the expense. However, you can lose substantially more by not having a security team in place, so the importance of this is vital. Don’t leave your business to chance!

Final Thoughts

Bristol Security guards play an integral role in keeping your business safe and secure. However, it’s worth considering some of the most common misconceptions people have regarding security guards and their role. Luckily, our experts are on hand today to help – so, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for further support and guidance