Nationwide lockdown has been extended by the UK government for curbing the coronavirus pandemic. Non-essential businesses have been ordered to remain closed until at least 12th April 2021. This means that the public would be unable to access such businesses until mid-April. As we brace for another lockdown, there is an increased risk that vacant business properties face. Hence, there is a need to protect the vacant business properties in Bristol same as any other region in UK. It is important for local businesses to contact their local  Bristol Security Company to arrange security for their vacant premises.

Increased Risk

For the first time ever, many business premises are left empty in Bristol. This has resulted in them becoming easy targets for criminals who are looking for an opportunity to make easy money. Numerous break-ins, thefts, and vandalism acts have been reported throughout the country by news outlets during the period. Premises as diverse as shops, schools, and restaurants have fallen victim at the hands of opportunistic criminals.

The reasons behind the current situation are quite obvious. High streets in Bristol have turned to ghost towns and only a few essential businesses have survived. As there are fewer witnesses, criminals have more opportunity. Business premises and roads in Bristol remain deserted and do not have any witnesses. Thus, there is a need for additional security. Moreover, a lot of the crime has been perpetrated by those that have become frustrated with the current situation. They are committing vandalism to release their irritation and anger.

Insurance Liabilities

The fact is that commercial companies that have taken up business insurance policies need to follow strict conditions in order for their policies to remain valid. If the property is unoccupied, there are requirements that have to be met. Some of these requirements include turning off water and gas supply, preventing access to the business premises and its surrounding areas, regular inspections, and tightening of security measures.

If the conditions as set out in the policy are not meet, you would be uninsured and would be unable to make a claim. New priorities are considered by the police throughout the country which makes it difficult for them to provide commercial premises with the required level of security. Instead, they are focusing on ensuring that residents follow official lockdown instructions. Furthermore, there is a limit to police resources. Hence, businesses have to look towards security solutions.

Cost-Effective Security Solutions

Now that you are aware of the current security situation, it is crucial that you hire cost-effective security solutions for ensuring that your business premises are taken care of. The following are some of the services that you can expect from the security company.

  • Concrete blocks for preventing trespassers and unwanted vehicles from entering the premises.
  • Mobile Security Bristol patrols for performing internal and external foot patrol.
  • Use of wireless RSI cameras for surveillance and monitoring of the premises.


Since the future seems uncertain, it makes sense to invest in security solutions. You will find the security solutions to be just what you need. Make sure to hire a reputable security service provider to help keep your business premises protected at all times.