Construction sites have their fair share of troubles and risks. Theft, vandalism, accidents, and death are some of the dangers you encounter on construction sites. Also, there’s the likelihood that crimes and accidents occur, and conflicts ensue. Construction site security guards can help you to prevent or reduce these risks.

Here are several risks that can be damaging to your site’s materials, equipment and employees, and how you can effectively prevent them.


Thefts are common occurrences on construction sites. Yearly, millions of pounds are lost to theft. In 2017 alone, theft cost the construction industry a whopping £800 million. Furthermore, 21% of construction managers claimed that their sites are being robbed weekly.

Running a construction site is no piece of cake, and if you lose materials and equipment to theft, you can only hope that the police apprehend the culprits.  The best action you can take is to hire construction site security guards to patrol the site and keep watch over the place. The presence of security guards will also deter potential thieves and certainly keep your materials and equipment safe.

Prevents Unauthorised Access

As a site manager, you know that only authorized personnel can be onsite. However, construction sites usually have many entrances and employees. Hence, there’s always the possibility that unauthorized persons enter the premises and mix in.

With a construction site security team, you can effectively guard the entrances and reduce the chances of theft, vandalism and even squatting occurring. Our Bristol Security company can provide you with well-trained security guards and install CCTV cameras that will deter unauthorised entry.

Enforce Safety Protocols

Construction sites remain hotbeds of fatal and non-fatal injuries. According to the Labour Force Survey, workers suffer from 64,000 non-fatal injuries each year. There’s a high possibility that workers might fall from a height or get struck by an object.

Sadly, these accidents could have been prevented as they occurred because workers didn’t adhere to safety regulations. Hiring construction site security guards can be of benefit in such situations.

SIA licensed security guards are well-trained in construction site safety protocols. They can easily spot unsafe activities and put an end to them immediately. With construction site security guards, you can prevent lawsuits and settlements that ensue from accidents.

Prevent Conflict Escalation

Arguments can occur on construction sites. It’s very normal. However, to ensure these arguments do not escalate to full-blown conflicts and crime, extra care must be taken.

Construction site security guards can quickly quell any dispute before a crime is committed. In addition, in case a crime occurs, SIA licensed security guards can detain the individuals involved and further aid the police in their investigation.

Protect Workers Against Fire

Although most construction sites have fire alarms pre-installed, workers have the responsibility of evacuation in care of an outbreak.  However, it’s always the best to get the services of fire warden trained officers, who are better trained and equipped to handle fire situations.

In addition to providing construction site security guards, Mobile Patrol Bristol can also provide fire safety guards.

Getting a construction site security team can save a lot of money and time. If you need one, we can deliver the best security services at very affordable prices. On contacting us, we will provide onsite assessment and give bespoke security recommendation that suits your needs and budget.