• Have you seen some Mobile Patrol Security vehicles in your neighborhood?
  • Do you know why they roam around at odd times?
  • Do you understand their role?
  • A mobile patrol security service can replace a full-time security guard.
  • A business site can be guarded during the working hours, but more security is required in the off-hours.
  • For out-of-hours security, mobile patrol security is the best service for your business.

Let us find out in this article, what is mobile patrol security service and top reasons why your business needs mobile patrolling.

What is a Mobile Patrol Security?

Mobile patrol security service is one of the many services provided by security companies in Bristol. It designates a defined area to each officer on vehicle, or foot to patrol during random times. The random timing is to avoid detection by intruders. They monitor the area and report if any unusual thing happens. Our Bristol Security Company provides Mobile Patrol Security Services in Bristol, other than Security Guard Services, Security Key Holding, and Alarm Response service.

Reasons to hire Mobile Patrol Security in Bristol

1.      To save money

To hire a guard for 24 hours is very expensive. So, it is better to hire a security guard for 12 hours and then use a mobile patrol service for the desired number of hours. You only need to pay for the services you need and hours they spend on patrol. They will protect your premises from thefts, burglaries, and any property damage. Thus, it saves your money from getting robbed or property damages costs.

2.      Large premises are guarded well

If your business site is spread on a larger area, a security guard will take more time to check the complete area. In this matter, the mobile patrol has an advantage. They can easily travel on their vehicle and move from one place to another in less time to secure the complete area.

3.      Attends emergencies

Trained security personnel are best respondents to emergency alarms or unlawful activities. They can reach fast to the emergency area in their cars and can provide first-aid services if needed. They tactfully handle the situations and report them to the authority.

4.      Caters to your changing needs

Mobile patrol service is not just for guarding the premises, it also caters to different needs, i.e., secures the parking areas, immediate response to an emergency, escort employees to provide them security when needed. Lock and unlock the premises.

5.      Criminal activity is prevented

Mobile patrol service is beneficial because if any person notices something unusual, they can report it on call. The mobile patrol service will immediately respond to it by reaching that place in their cars. Also, when a site is guarded at random timings, criminals stay away because of fear of getting caught.

6.      Employees feel relaxed

Some business sites like factories have work shifts; therefore, it is vital that employees working on the site feel safe knowing that they are guarded. Also, a mobile patrol service may escort employees to the parking area or nearest public transport spot. In this way, employees feel relaxed and happy that they are secure.

If you need an affordable Mobile Patrol Security in Bristol for your business site, you can contact us 24/7 to get a no obligation free quote.